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If you want some ideas on how to trap squirrels, here are few basic ideas.

You can run with one of these ideas, buy a trap, or try making a similar one.

Making a squirrel trap yourself would be the cheapest way to get a trap, although it does have its drawbacks. You can probably find enough things around the house to make one, but the trap will probably be operated manually, which means it may take a while to actually catch the squirrel. Then too, if your trap is like one of the ones below, you will have to plan ahead on how to move or dispose of the squirrel - because many of these traps don't have a bottom or top.

The Easiest To Make, But Hardest To Be Successful

Any type of box or container can be used. Just make sure there are no holes in the side so they can "sneak" out.

Another take on this idea is to dig a hole and then prop up a big rock or piece of slate - using a stick - over the hole. When the squirrel jumps in to get the bait, you pull the stick thus trapping the squirrel.

The Fall-In Trap

This is a poor video, and it is sideways, but the idea is to get the squirrel to jump onto something which he can't hold on to, and, then because of the squirrel's weight, makes the lid close, thus trapping the squirrel.

Homemade, Automatic Squirrel Trap

To build this trap, you need a box, a rat trap, doorclasp, string, stick, and some bait.

First, you build the box (use wire mesh and wood frame). Then make a door and hinge it onto the cage.

Attach a door clasp  (like on a screen door - which keeps the door closed).

Set a rat trap on the right top back of the cage. Tie one end of the string to the metal clasp part of the trap (the part that usually traps the rat). Tie the other end of the string to the bottom of the stick through a hole drilled in the end of the stick. Use the stick to prop open the door.

Attach another piece of the string to the little metal part of the trap where you usually put the bait. Tie a peanut or some other bait to the other end of the string.

Dangle the bait down into the cage.

Now set the trap and you are ready to go. When the squirrel comes in and eats the bait, it will spring the trap, which will pull the stick out, closing the door which is then held shut with the door clasp.

Live Trap

Live traps come in a variety of shapes, forms and manufacturers. They are the most expensive (of your options) but are some of the most successful and useful. One of the best places to get these traps is eBay.

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